Are you locked out in Medford, Oregon.  If you locked your keys in your car, home, or even your business, we are here for yLocked-Out-Medford-ORou!  Locksmith Plus, Inc. Medford OR provides assistance for lockouts, and our lockout solutions are both convenient and affordable.

Locksmith Plus, Inc. offers 24 hour assistance to anyone that is locked out in our expansive service area. While we are located in Medford, OR, we do travel up to 30 miles away in any given direction!

Our professional technicians are trained to handle even the most obscure of lockout jobs, so you never have to worry about damage to your vehicle or office building. The technicians associated with Locksmith Plus, Inc. Medford OR are insured, licensed, and bonded, and every tool that we use is lockout-certified!

Are you experiencing a lockout emergency? Our prices depend on the specific service that you request and the distance between you and our technicians! Requesting rush service or 24 hour response never increases the price, so no matter when you need the service, Locksmith Plus, Inc. is there to unlock a car, home, or business!


Automotive Lockouts

Locksmith Plus, Inc. Medford OR provides lockout service for cars 24 hours a day.  Are response time for car lockouts in Medford is about 5 minutes.  We go to areas such as White City and Grants Pass too!

Our expert technicians use state of the art lockout tools to ensure that no damage is done to your vehicle.  Call (541) 550-7931 now to have a locksmith come straight to your vehicle!  You’ll be driving again in no time.

  • Car Unlock
  • Unlock A Trunk
  • 24 Hour Service
  • 5 Min Response in Medford
  • Emergency Priority
  • Certified Technicians
  • Expert Tools
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Residential Lockouts

Locksmith Plus, Inc. Medford OR provides lockout solutions for houses and apartments regardless of the time or day that you are locked out.  Residential locks can vary greatly, so the price of the lockout depends on the distance you are from our company and the type and amount of locks that you have

We unlock more than front doors.  If you are currently locked out of a bathroom, bedroom, pantry, closet, garage, shed, etc., then let us know.  Locked out in Medford?  Call now to have a technician be on site in 10 minutes!


Commercial Lockouts

A business lockout can damage your image greatly.  Businesses, especially ones that serve customers on a strict schedule, are encouraged to call Locksmith Plus, Inc. Medford OR immediately if they find themselves locked out.  Waiting even five minutes can prove harmful in the long run.

Are commercial lockout service extends to all sorts of commercial locks.  If you need to open a file cabinet, safe, brief case, etc, then let us know how we can help you today.  We travel up to 30 miles from Medford, OR.

Dont’ just think we simply open car doors and front doors to homes and businesses! We can also unlock file cabinets, safes, trunks, bike locks, briefcases, storage rooms, bedrooms, closets, etc.! If you have that needs a pick, we have a pick that needs a lock!