Do you need to change locks on your car, home, or business? Locksmith Plus, Inc. Medford OR provides top tier lock replacement services throughout the entire Medford metro. Our lock replacement team travels up to 30 miles in any direction from Medford.  

Our service call and response time vary with distance, but we offer the best rates in the business! Lock replacement solutions are brought to you any hour of the day and day of the year.

Every technician associated with Locksmith Plus, Inc. Medford OR treats each and every lock replacement as unique. Each lock is handled with care that only an expert can accomplish. Whether you need to replace one lock or are interested in changing locks throughout the entire home/commercial building, you can rely on us to live up to your every expectation.

There is no need to make an appointment in advance unless you want to. The biggest plus of our lock change service is our immediate response. No matter what day or time you call us, we will always make sure you get the lock replacement service you need.